• Turn sales history into momentum for new customers
  • Real-time actions: purchases, registrations, online visitors - or whatever you want
  • Personalized messages to attract your customers' attention
  • Customize Notifications as you want
  • Generate scarcity, urgency and create authority
  • No coding skills required
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Show that your product or service is desired

Your visitors will be able to see how many people are browsing the same page in real time.

As part of theauthority trigger, a website with many online visitors makes your offer more attractive

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Conversions as social proof

Showing that real people are purchasing your product makes the purchase process more humanized for those in doubt and establishes even more value for your offer.

This notification uses the powerful social proof trigger, a proven way to generate trust in a negotiation. You can show the number of buyers who recently converted on your site, or go deeper and show the name and location of a recent buyer.

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Communicate in your client's language

Write what you want in your Notifications! Reinforce your service's strengths, show an exclusive benefit or simply advertise a one time offer.

As complete as your sales page is, there are common questions that need to be answered quickly to break objections before the user loses interest.

This offer is only until tomorrow!

Generate urgency

A limited time offer can be a great way to drive sales – and this type of Notification is a perfect ally in this strategy.

Most professionals already know the power of the urgency trigger. With it you make a proposal that benefits the user as long as he takes a quick action, instead of procrastinating and leaving to buy at another time.


Call your leads

Do you have a call center? We offer the most elegant solution on the market for generating leads!

With our tool you can request your lead's name and phone number and immediately forward it to your call center team to break objections and finalize the sale!

Real data, verified by Convertpack

You don't have to worry about updating tables, sending CSV or setting up webhooks to send us sales data.

Just add our Pixel on your thank you page and we are responsible for making everything work like magic.