Cancellation policy

Last edit: 2020-08-19

Convertpack's cancellation and refund policy is very flexible.

After making the first payment for your subscription, you have 14 days to request cancellation and be fully refunded for what you paid, without fees.

Since Convertpack has a free plan, this offer is not valid for subsequent payments. That is, only the first payment is refundable.

How do I request a cancellation or refund?

Contact Convertpack by clicking on the chat icon - in the corner bottom right of your screen - or by email

Your account will be reverted to the free plan.

How long does it take to receive a refund?

We issue refunds within 1 business day of request.

In general, credit appears on your credit card statement within 5 days but sometimes it takes up to 15 days.

This time varies between banks and, if necessary, we can send a receipt so you can send it to your bank.